As with most websites, when you visit this website, a small amount of data may be stored on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer hard drive using cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. Use of the term “cookies” in this Policy is broad and includes similar technologies. Cookies help make this website work and provide information to us about how users interact with our site. We use this information to improve our website. We do not seek to identify individual visitors unless they volunteer their contact details through one of the forms or applications on the website.

Cookies. There are various types of cookies that perform different functions and generally improve your experience on the website. We may use cookies to tell us whether you have visited the website before or to remember preferences that you choose when using the website. For example, we may store your chosen language in a cookie so that we can select this language when you return to the website. We do not use cookies for advertising.

One type of cookie used on this site ise categorized as “Strictly Necessary”. These are essential in order to enable you to use certain features of the website, such as logging in or submitting forms on the website. Without these cookies, services you have asked for cannot be provided. These also include cookies that allow us to provide a service explicitly requested by you during a browser session. These cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you have been on the Internet.

Another type of cookie used is categorized as “Functionality” cookies. These are used to allow the website to remember choices you make (such as your username, language, or region) and provide enhanced features to improve your web experience.

All cookies used on this website are first-party cookies, which are set by our website.

Device or Browser Fingerprinting. Our website generates and stores a unique identifier of your device or browser when you use an invitation to access a particular video stream. The information collected includes details such as: your IP address; browser type and version in use; browser attributes such as preferred language, installed fonts, installed plugins and similar features; operating system type, version, platform, and features such as configured time zone; device type, hardware version, and installed hardware features. This information is used to associate your device(s) to the invitation you accepted and to prevent fraudulent access to our Services.

Use of IP Addresses. An IP address is a numeric code that identifies your computer on the Internet. We use your IP address and browser type to help analyze usage patterns and diagnose problems on this website and to improve the service we offer to you. But without additional information your IP address does not identify you as an individual.

Your Choice. When you accessed this website, our cookies were sent to your web browser and stored on your computer. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies. If you wish to remove them, you can manage this through the settings on your browser; however, please note that without cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of all our website features. The way to clear cookies varies from one browser to another. You can look in the Help menu of your web browser for full instructions.

Below is a list of cookies used on this website.

Name of Cookie(s)PurposeDurationType
PHPSESSIDAllows us to verify you have logged in to see specific portions of the website.SessionStrictly Necessary
khc*Allows you to see the site in your chosen language.SessionFunctionality
configOn our streaming site, caches your name and congregation name, which is displayed onscreenPersistentStrictly Necessary
device_idMaintains a local copy of your unique identifierPersistentStrictly Necessary
cookiesacceptTracks whether you accepted our cookie policy or notPersistentStrictly Necessary our streaming site, persists your volume setting across sessionsPersistentFunctionality
jitsiMeetIdA unique identifier for the video conference. This will allow you to rejoin the meeting quickly if you are disconnected.PersistentStrictly Necessary
features/base/settingsMeeting settings you can chose which are set as defaults for subsequent meetings. This includes your display name, if your video is mirrored, if you entered your email, if you prefer to join muted, with the video turned off or in low-bandwidth mode.PersistentFunctionality
features/recent-listA list of the last 30 meetings you have joined, the date joined and the duration of each.PersistentFunctionality
features/base/known-domainsA list of backend conference servers that the app recognizes.PersistentFunctionality
features/video-quality-persistent-storageRemembers your preferred maximum video resolution.PersistentFunctionality
languageRemembers your preferred language.PersistentFunctionality
features/welcomeSettings for what options to display on the initial welcome page.PersistentFunctionality
features/calendar-sync Settings for the calendar integration, if it is enabled.PersistentFunctionality
features/dropboxSettings for the Dropbox integration, if it is enabled.PersistentFunctionality
callStatsUserNameUsed for monitoring performance of the browser application.PersistentFunctionality
sessionIdUsed to remember moderators who have been authenticated.PersistentFunctionality
features/virtual-backgroundRemembers the last virtual background used, if they are enabled.PersistentFunctionality

LAST UPDATED: Oct 18, 2021