KHCONF Windows Apps

The KHCONF App for Windows is available in three versions -- Listener, KH, and KH-VIDEO. Use the Listener version to listen into meeting audio. Use the KH version if you will be transmitting the meeting from your PC and do not have either the equipment, or sufficient Internet bandwidth to stream video. The KH-VIDEO version can be used for streaming audio and video. More information on the KH and KH-VIDEO applications are available for registered customers. Use the Customer Login above to access that information.

Listener Version download (version 1.0.26q):

KHCONF Windows App

KH Version download (version 1.0.26q):

KHCONF-KH Windows App

KH-VIDEO download (version 1.0):



Once downloaded, click the Install button to begin the installation process on your device.

Please note that information below is specific to the Listener version of the KHCONF Windows App. The first time you run it, you will need to enter appropriate KHCONF access information. These settings can later be changed with the settings button. Click on the Account tab to enter the following settings:
  • Display Name is a descriptive name for the person (NOTE: if nothing is entered in this field, the caller will show up as "Anonymous" on the caller report).
  • Display Number is the telephone number you normally call from. You may wish to put your phone number here. If the phone number you enter is configured in the Allowed Callers (whitelist) for your meeting, then you will be able to join the meeting without needing to enter a PIN into the app. (NOTE: if nothing is entered in this field, the caller will show up as "Anonymous" on the caller report).
  • KHCONF Access Number is the KHCONF access number you normally call to for traditional KHCONF accounts. If you use the KHCONF-IP Only service, the Access Number is your account code. You can find either under Account Settings.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This number will be autoformatted on most devices. If you are having problems connecting, and you use the traditional KHCONF service, enter the number with a + sign and your country code. So in the US and Canada, the Access Number will be +15551234567 (where 555 is the area code and 1234567 is the phone number). In the UK, this will be +44 in place of the leading zero, and in Ireland this will be +353 in place of the leading zero. If you have questions about the proper format, please email us.
  • KHCONF Access PIN is the listen-only or comment pin for your account. This is required unless the Caller ID above has been added to the Allowed Callers (Whitelist) on the Reports site. If you use the whitelist to authenticate users, you may enter any PIN in this box. Current versions of the mobile apps require you to enter something in this box, even if you use the Whitelist. If you do not know the PIN, but are allowed via whitelist, enter six zeros in this field. Future versions of the apps will allow whitelisted users to leave this field blank.
  • Count in the upper right-hand corner should be set to the number of listeners who are joining the meeting from your location. The app remembers this number for future use, but it can be changed at any time.
Under the Audio tab, you have the following options:
  • Speaker ensure this is set to the device that you will be listening from. The dropdown list will show all sound devices installed on the PC.
  • Microphone should be set to the device that you will use to comment or communicate back to the meeting. Most users connect using a Listen-Only PIN, and so their sound is not transmitted back to the meeting. However, because of the way Windows works, you must have a Microphone device installed on the PC for the KHCONF listener app to work. In most cases, it does not matter which option you choose for Microphone, but one must be chosen.
  • Allow Signal Boost is a check box for both the Speaker and Microphone options. This tells the KHCONF app to amplify sound going through either device. When selected on, use the Trim slider just above the check box to adjust the amplification level. Note that amplifying the sound may cause the sound to be distorted.
Under the Advanced tab, you have the following four check boxes:
  • Use TCP as the Transport Method: Check this box if you are having issues with the call disconnecting after 30 seconds. If possible, disable "SIP ALG" on your home router or firewall first. If you are unable to do that, or your firewall does not allow you to disable ALG, check this box.
  • Speex: This turns on the lowest-bandwidth option. If your device or Internet connection only allow a set amount of monthly data usage, turn this on to use as little data as possible. This may result in lower-quality audio.
  • IPv6: This setting defaults to on. IPv6 is the next-generation of addressing devices connected to the Internet. Many cell phones are using IPv6, and it is being rolled out to most land-line based Internet connections also. Enable IPv6 means that the app will try an IPv6 connection first, then if that fails try to connect with IPv4. Since IPv6 is required for some mobile networks, the app may not function without it on. In general it should be left enabled, the setting is there for troubleshooting and workarounds when the user may have IPv6 but some issue is preventing an IPv6 connection from working correctly.
  • Debug: This turns on some logging that is sent back to the KHCONF server for troubleshooting purposes. This should be left off unless you have reported a problem and the KHCONF Support team has instructed you to turn this on.
The first time you run the app, make sure you choose Allow Access if you get a popup window saying "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program." If you have firewall software installed on your PC, you may also need to allow the app to communicate with outside networks.


To connect to the meeting, click on the large phone icon. The ring around the icon will turn yellow as the app attempts to connect, and then green once connected. The icon next to it (microphone) is used to comment. When you toggle this icon on, the ring turns blue, and your voice is heard across the conference bridge (assuming you used the comment PIN to connect). Tap the microphone again to mute yourself and turn the microphone back off. Note that to prevent echo and feedback, you are unable to hear the meeting when your microphone is live (when the ring is blue).

Advanced Options

The KHCONF Listen Only app also has the following command line parameters for advanced users only:
  • --auto Connect to the conference immediately after starting. The app will disconnect from the meeting and end the recording when the 2 hour 10 minute limit has been reached.
  • --record Record to a wav file. The file name needs to be specified on the Settings tab. By default, the app will place the recording in the same directory as the application itself. The recording will be in WAV format, no matter what extension you give the filename.
  • --beta This switch is needed to show the record and recording_filename in Settings in the app while recording.

Known Issues

A sound input device is required for using the KHCONF App. This means a microphone driver must be present on the PC. Normally, this is not a problem, but in some cases the app does not work on a PC with speakers but no microphone. In these cases, we recommend that you plug in a 3.5mm device (i.e. microphone, headphones, earbuds, etc) on the mic input of the PC's sound card. Unfortunately, a simple solution is not readily available from a programming point of view. At times, the workaround below under "Application Crashes When Clicking Call" will resolve the issue and allow the app to run on a PC.

Application Crashes When Clicking Call
Some users have reported that the Application will close when clicking Call. The root of the problem seems to be that some features of the PC audio system are being hidden by Windows. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on the Sound icon
  3. Click on the Recording tab
  4. Right-click on an empty area and click on Show Disabled Devices
  5. You should now see the disabled audio devices with a black arrow pointing down
  6. Right-click each listed disabled audio device and click Enable
  7. Click OK to close the Sound window
  8. Restart the KHCONF App and click Call. The App should now function properly.
Application Disconnects From Meeting after 30 Seconds
Some users are connecting to the meeting, only to experience disconnects every 30 seconds. The root cause of this is a "feature" of some broadband routers. If possible, login to the broadband router and disable SIP ALG. Each router will have a different method of disabling the SIP ALG features. Consult the router user guide for assistance. For some users, logging into the router is not possible, and some routers do not permit disabling the SIP ALG feature. In those situations, click on the box Use TCP as the Transport Method in the KHCONF App Settings window. This will use a different method of communicating with KHCONF that should bypass the router feature in question. We have had reports of this problem from users with the BT Home Hub. Those users should click on the Use TCP as the Transport Method as there does not appear to be a good way to disable the ALG functionality on the Home Hub.