The KHCONF App for MacOS is available in two versions -- Listener and KH. Use the Listener version to tie into a meeting, and use the KH version if you will be transmitting the meeting from your Mac. More information on the KH Version is available for registered customers. Use the Customer Login above to access that information.

Listener Version download (version 1.0.26q):


KH Version download (version 1.0.26q):



To install, double click the download file, then drag the KHCONF icon to the Applications folder and click on it to run. Settings are saved in the same directory as the application, so if you move the program file to a different folder, you may have to re-enter your settings.

The first time you run it, you will need to enter appropriate KHCONF access information. Click on the green Settings wheel in the lower right. Fill in the following information. These settings can later be changed with the settings button. Use the back button to return to the main screen.
  • Display Name is a descriptive name for the person (NOTE: if nothing is entered in this field, the caller will show up as "Anonymous" on the caller report).
  • Display Number is the telephone number you normally call from. This is usually the phone number of the device you are using. If this Caller ID is configured in the Allowed Callers (whitelist), then you do not need to enter a PIN into the app. (NOTE: if nothing is entered in this field, the caller will show up as "Anonymous" on the caller report).
  • KHCONF Access Number is the KHCONF access number you normally call to for traditional KHCONF accounts. If you use the KHCONF-IP Only service, the Access Number is your account code. You can find either under Account Settings.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This number will be autoformatted on most devices. If you are having problems connecting, and you use the traditional KHCONF service, enter the number with a + sign and your country code. So in the US and Canada, the Access Number will be +15551234567 (where 555 is the area code and 1234567 is the phone number). In the UK, this will be +44 in place of the leading zero, and in Ireland this will be +353 in place of the leading zero. If you have questions about the proper format, please email us.
  • PIN is the listen-only or comment pin for your account. This is required unless the Caller ID above has been added to the Allowed Callers (Whitelist) on the Reports site. If you use the whitelist to authenticate users, you may enter any PIN in this box. Current versions of the mobile apps require you to enter something in this box, even if you use the Whitelist. If you do not know the PIN, but are allowed via whitelist, enter six zeros in this field. Future versions of the apps will allow whitelisted users to leave this field blank.
  • Use TCP as the Transport Method Check this box if you are having issues with the call disconnecting after 30 seconds. If possible, disable "SIP ALG" on your home router or firewall first. If you are unable to do that, or your firewall does not allow you to disable ALG, check this box.

Known Issues

64-bit OSX Only
This app is not compatible with older Mac computers running 32-bit versions of OSX.

Application Disconnects From Meeting after 30 Seconds
Some users are connecting to the meeting, only to experience disconnects every 30 seconds. The root cause of this is a "feature" of some broadband routers. If possible, login to the broadband router and disable SIP ALG. Each router will have a different method of disabling the SIP ALG features. Consult the router user guide for assistance.
For some users, logging into the router is not possible, and some routers do not permit disabling the SIP ALG feature. In those situations, click on the box Use TCP as the Transport Method in the KHCONF App Settings window. This will use a different method of communicating with KHCONF that should bypass the router feature in question.
We have had reports of this problem from users with the BT Home Hub. Those users should click on the Use TCP as the Transport Method as there does not appear to be a good way to disable the ALG functionality on the Home Hub.

Unidentified Developer
If you get an error cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, then immediately go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General, and click the Open Anyway button.